Bottesini alla Scala

Bottesini alla Scala

Auditorium Bruno Manenti
April 25th 2015

Double Bass Player of the Teatro alla Scala
Giuseppe Ettorre
Alessandro Serra
Emanuele Pedrani
Attilio Corradini
Roberto Parretti
Omar Lonati
Liang  Yen - Chi
Penelope Mitsikopoulos

Giuseppe Cacciolo



April 25th 2015

Saturday April 25th at 6:00 p.m., at the Church of San Bernardino – Auditorium Bruno Manenti, the concert “Bottesini alla Scala” took place, which saw the participation of the Teatro della Scala double bass players. The concert was already performed in the Opera’s temple in Milan and exclusively for the Bottesini Association in Crema the following week.
Nine Scaligeri double bass players donated emotions and wonderful music, amongst whom Giuseppe Ettorre, the first double bass player of the Teatro della Scala's Orchestra.
Milan gave honor to the outstanding musician from Crema, Giovanni Bottesini, and to the instrument that made him famous in the world. The Bottesini Association could not miss the opportunity to offer this event also to its Crema fellow citizens, who received the invitation with pleasure and honor.
Great technique, wonderful talent and, especially, the ability to revive the music in its highest quality.

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