Festival Crema In Music

Festival Crema in Music

Theater San Domenico-Sala Pietro da Cemmo
October 3-20 2012

October 3
Singing recital
Soprano - June Anderson
Pianoforte - A. Lupo Pasini

October 7
Bottesini Duet
Double Bass - Enrico Fagone (Biography)
Violino - Michael Guttman
Clarinetto - Corrado Giuffredi

October 12
Coro C. Monteverdi di Crema

October 20
Study day
Life and work of Stefano Pavesi (Biography)

October 20
Singing recital
Soprano - Véronique Mercier



“Crema is one of the most important city of music”. This is what I keep telling myself, not forbelieve, but for mere verification. This small city has been able, for centuries, to generate talents who have contributed to the evolution of the musical history from the birth of opera to today. A vibrant cultural context in which the theater and the cathedral constituted a propelling pivot for the music industry. Deriving from this is a passion and a talent pervasive among the population of Crema, almost contagious, that have allowed Crema to give birth to musicians and composers renowned and appreciated worldwide. In recent decades, this musical ferment went fading, due also to the loss by a fire in 1936 of the Theater of Permarini.
The second phrase, actually word, that comes to mind continually and that is consequence of the first consideration, is "invest". In an age where the economic crisis has a strong grip, I believe that it is necessary to invest in what we have. And this we do have: a priceless musical heritage, still largely not expressed. The Italian artistic and cultural wealth is unparalleled and Crema can be the leader in promoting the musical culture. Global tourism is continually increasing and tends to reward, more and more, the recovery of traditions and high quality standards. Achieving these goals would certainly constitute a driving force for the economy and an excellent recipe against the economic crisis.
It is from by these convictions that we derive our strength to invest energies and resources in the enhancement of the musical history of Crema and from which the Festival of Crema in Music is born. A program of the highest level in a perfect union between international stars and local talents, with the drive to give back to the city the cultural ferment of a time, which will allow Crema to regain a crucial role in the development of musical culture. It will take time, but I feel like the contagion has already started”.

Francesco Daniel Donati





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